Chairman. First Hectares Capital

Issa Baluch is credited with pioneering the thriving sea-air combined transport freight business in the UAE. He holds a Master of Business degree from the University of Hull (U.K.) and has completed numerous aviation, transport, and freight logistics programs. Baluch was invited by the Harvard University to take part in the Advanced Leadership Initiative Program, which eventually made him a fully-fledged Senior Fellow in 2011.


John F. Kennedy School of Government (HKS) at Harvard University has appointed Issa S. Baluch to serve as member on the Dean’s Council. Douglas W. Elmendorf is current Dean of


This photo shows (from left) KENAN BOZGEYİK, Chairman of The Executive Board, Director General, Turkish PTT Corp., AHMET ARSLAN, Turkey Maritime Transport and Communications Minister, and BISHAR ABDIRAHMAN HUSSEIN, Director